Design / UX support


Verizon Mix & Match.png

Verizon came to us to help showcase three new unlimited plans they were releasing. The challenge was how do we communicate to users the benefits between all three plans, as well as communicate that they are line-level (by each individual person on account) and instead of one plan for everyone?



We came up with a three key steps to help users understand the benefits of the new plans and account model: Educate, Illustrate, and Recommend.


Landing page structure.png

  1. We introduced the big news in a bold headline informing users of the benefits of new plans.

  2. This is followed by an interactive video that illustrates the new model through depicting a family where each member is on a different plan suited for them.


Mix and Match_Educate.png


After Introducing plans, pricing and features before this, we then invite users to get started with a recommendation for their family. Users identify their top-three usage factors to deliver a pointed recommendation of what plan is best for their lifestyle.


After delivering a recommendation for users account, we close out this page by selling the benefits of the better network, as well as other offers in case this is not what customer is looking for.


Better + Plans.001.jpeg

Designers: Riley Werner, Eric Ku, Judd Smith

Creative Director: Jesse Darling, David Clark

UX Designer: Noah Conk

Copy Writer: Tesja Bonnie