Brand Refresh_Key screens.png


When the My Verizon App was initially created, every single screen within the app was bespokely produced; resulting in over 4000+ screens throughout the entire app and left room for error upon handing the system off without a centralized styleguide.

We were task to solve the following pain-points:

  1. How do we translate and refresh an entire app into a new brand guideline without reproducing 3000 screens.

  2. How do we package this system in a way that is loose enough for internal Verizon teams to continue seamlessly building off this system, while also making it IT-friendly for expedited assembly?



We crafted an atomic design system for their teams that was both:

  • IT-friendly naming structures for assembly

  • Designer-friendly due to the creation of symbols, ubiquitous elements + icons and delivered a robust Style Guide documenting every component in detail.


The working team translated repetitive modules into symbols within new brand, that would serve as building blocks for the new design system



I worked with the lead designer's to document over 800+ components, modules, and example screens. This would also include scaling recommendations for the iPhone X (new at the time), as well as scaling examples and specs for all screensizes. 


MVA Styleguide Overview.png

User Experience Director: Brad Donnelley

User Experience: Bryan Farrell, Mor Weizman, Elise Tang

Creative Director: Craig Wong, David Clarke

Designers: Eric Ku, Riley Werner, Jennifer Son

Copywriters: Tesja Bonnie, Sara Commet